Winship Caregiver Shower Caddies

Emory University Hospital was incredibly grateful to receive our 100 shower caddies today. We delivered them to 6E and 7E floors, where Josh stayed during his visits over 14 months. They even provided lunch for us. One of his doctors came to the presentation and we got to see his favorite nurse. While we were there they handed out two caddies, to two moms who had just arrived yesterday. They were extremely grateful, and one hugged the nurse and told her how thankful she was. We were truly blessed to be a part of this special project.
We were especially excited to see that the DVDs we donated over a year ago were in the case for all patients to use. This really made our hearts smile!
Today made me take a step back and realize that all this hard work for the last 3 months was truly worth it.
Thank you to every single person who made this possible. You truly made a difference for these caregivers during the most difficult times in their lives.